* Update**

Chestnut Miniatures will be at the following shows in 2013

June 2013 – Chartres in France

November 2013 – Zwolle in the Netherlands

We specialise in 1/32nd scale models of vintage combines from the late 50’s to early 70’s.

Since a young boy John Leathers has had a fascination with combines. Growing up in the 60’s “fertilized” this fascination – hence the period that he likes to study and reproduce with his models. John owns several combines from this period , which he is renovating and working on the land with.

A couple of years ago he thought it was time to try and fill the gap in his, and other enthusiasts, collections so decided to have a go – and Chestnut Miniatures was created.

All the measurements and details are taken from either one of Johns full size machines , or from blue prints, if available, to ensure an accurate copy.

John collects parts-books, manuals, magazines, etc anything to

do with combines and to enhance his collection and knowledge of these machines.

Any questions or queries or just to reminisce about combine days one by, you can e-mail or phone us on the above numbers.

Happy Harvesting!!

All our Models are designed and built in England.


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